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Dave the Painting Guy – New Show Time

Painting Alexandra, with my head briefly in the wayContinuing Alexandra

Dave the Painting Guy starts at an all-new time!

That’s right! Beginning tonight, the show will start at 5:00pm Pacific Time (GMT -7) instead of what viewers have come to expect, namely 5:00pm Pacific Time (GMT -8).

"But, Dave…" some of you object, while others simply ask, "Huh?"

A Brief History of Time
according to Dave the Painting Guy

The astute among my readers will notice the important difference (no, not the bold text styling), the GMT time reference. Greenwich Mean Time, is, to the best of my understanding, based on the location of the Greenwich (GREN-itch) Royal Observatory’s 24-hour solar clock, where the people in charge of keeping it’s time accurate are known to be exceptionally impatient, rude and vicious, hence ‘mean time.’

They were so stingy (the traditional British definition of the word "mean"), in fact, they announced that they would be the only ones on the planet with accurate time, and everyone else had to get their own. I know! Isn’t that mean?

Well, from that moment forward, the rest of the world has had to scramble around to figure out what time it really is. Of course, here in the USA, we have been fighting British Rule using passive/aggressive behavioral techniques since we started: having Tea Parties dressed like Indians, changing the shape and rules of football (including the use of hands!) and inventing Daylight Savings Time.

Don’t tell me American’s don’t know how to thumb their noses at the oppressive British.

Setting the Clock ForwardHow Does This Affect You?

Five-6ths of the population of the whole planet, except for two renegade US states, Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii, and some of our territories, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa will have to tune in to view Dave the Painting Guy one hour earlier than they used to!

If you live among the 48 US States* that wimped out when they came up with this crazy idea that you can ‘save daylight’ (really? where would you keep it?), you will just need to watch your clock (assuming that sometime this past weekend you set it forward 1-hour in compliance) and tune in to Dave the Painting Guy at 5pm California time, which is GMT -7, now. This is much easier to calculate in certain parts of the world than, say, Australia, where my Monday evening show starts at 10am Tuesday morning.

See? The folks in Greenwich are mean!

*To be fair, Indiana wimped out on April 2nd 2005.

Anyway, however you figure it, I will see you this evening, March 9, 2008 at 5pm – just click here.


  1. I will get your show one hour earlier until we change to sommer-time here too.. πŸ˜›

  2. Jalal, thanks for the instant update. I will alert the local media.

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