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Just Thinking of Mom

It’s been a tough road for my mother without the love of her life who passed away almost 4 years ago — my dad, Robert A. Darrow.

Today is their 60th wedding anniversary, but they only made it together through their 56th. I say “only” very tongue-in-cheek since that is a milestone I likely will never see.

So, everyone grab a glass of champagne or wine and clink your monitor: here’s to a very loving couple, my mom and dad.

I’m sorry you lost your husband, Mom.


  1. A lovely tribute David, as always. Don’t be sad your mom lost her husband, be glad she even met him, many people never find the love of their lives, let alone share the joy of raising a family together. Happy Anniversary Bob and Doris. *cheers. xx

  2. A lovley tribute David, as always, but don’t be sad your mom lost her husband, be glad they even met at all, and shared the joy of raising a family. It’s all good, mate. Happy Anniversary Bob and Doris, *cheers.

  3. This was wonderful to watch David. Such a wonderful gift to give your Dad and what a lucky dad he was to have a son like you. I’m so glad your mom has decided to paint again, I think it will be a wonderful addition to her life. Love, Barb

  4. Your mother can still feel your father’s warmth, how wonderful.

  5. David, this was so beautiful. My heart goes out to your mother, and to you, and your family. I lost my father less than a year ago, seems like yesterday. He was a good soul, brave and true like your father. God bless the widows (and widowers) who lost their soul mates. I found this via twitter. My best to you. Tina

  6. This was awesome Dave..if only people would stick it out together..I’m on year 28 with the love of my life:)) hope I see 60. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I watched your website because I started to amateur paint a little bit again after 50 years and you have inspired me to start again, you made a wonderful portrait of your parents; I loved it. Will you send my love to your mother, I have also a very happy marriage for 43 years she must miss him very much. Thank you for showing me how to paint a portrait i painted my grandchildren
    I send you my regards from the netherlands

  8. Sweetheart, I discovered this today, when looking for your recording of John playing the Rachmaninoff piece. I am sorry I missed it on THE day of our 60th, but so glad I found it today. Of course, it made me weep… loudly. So, thank you for putting that together for Dad. I cherish it.

  9. It is clear that you are an artist, Dave.. in many ways that don’t involve paints. That is a lovely video for your Father and Mother. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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