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Unique Ventriloquist

I haven’t been able to watch any of this TV show, but found this act on YouTube. A ventriloquist that can speak out of sync with his own lips.

I wanted to be a ventiloquist when I was a kid. I even bought a dummy from the magic shop at Knott’s Berry Farm.

I never got very good. I never really practiced.


  1. That was great!!

  2. Whoa, that IS amazing… and all this time I thought David Hasselhoff was dead! 🙂

    Ok… the ventriloquist was a riot, too! And I agree with the undead Hasselhoff: how do you top that?

  3. This is a clip from a summer show called America’s Got Talent (which I seldom watch). I did happen to catch this act the night it was performed and Paul, Jennifer and I were amazed. I am glad to see it has shown up on YouTube. I also noticed that a clip of him in round 2 is right below this one. I do not know if he made it on to the next level. If he didn’t, I hope this TV exposure will be good for his career.

  4. Teresa and I rarely watch TV, even with cable. now at this new place (since Nov.) we get exactly 2 channels (ABC and CBS) via antenna, so we basically never bother to turn it on. If we could get the Discovery Channel or The History Channel, we might watch more.

    It’s not that talent shows like this don’t interest us… I like them [more than Teresa does, I think] and I like a few others (the world has too few Simon Cowells), but there just seems to be so much else to do.

    Now I know I can catch the better ones on

    BTW, I have noticed that if you click the arrow in the middle of the video, the video wll play right here on my website, but if you click elsewhere on the same image, it takes you to the site.

  5. David, just FYI on this guy, he lives in Vista and we saw him perform at Legoland a few years back. He has a great live show.

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