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The Prince and His Panties

In high school, early 1970s, my new friend Don Blackburn had a remarkable record collection, including the vinyl album of Mason Williams’ that contained the hit Classical Gas. Mason Williams [wiki], brother of unrelated to the crooner Andy Williams [wiki], was a nut/genius, and composed, besides Classical Gas, little known, fully orchestrated gems such as Life, which, if I am not mistaken took up 30 seconds of play time with its verse, transcribed here in its entirety…

Isn’t life beautiful?
Isn’t life gay?
Isn’t life the perfect thing to pass the time away?

Today, on my Facebook I got a Wall-To-Wall message from Sue Humphreys Thompson who commented that my rendition of Mason Williams’ other classic from the same album had suddenly come to mind. I don’t recall exactly which performance of mine it was to which she is referring, but she mentioned that it was odd that it would so randomly come to mind from the distant past.

I recall performing it on many occasions, guitar in hand, to the bewilderment, and, no doubt, admiration of my available audience.

No, I am not referring to the too-difficult Classical Gas, rather

The Prince and His Panties

There was once a price who
Acted strangely, in that
He thought life was stupid
And it was for him so
He made up a world
In which he liked
The things we like
But he had diff’rent
Reasons why he liked them.

He liked butter
For its color
He would order
Toast and Color

Waitresses, confused would utter
Sir, I’ve never heard of
Toast and Color.

He’d get angry and
Begin to choke them;
The Law would come and they’d
Arrest and book him
So his life was a
Mess of trouble.
Still, he kept it up.

He had dogs
One Hundred Cocker Spaniels
And he called them ‘Panties’
‘Cause they
Did that mostly

And he did not care at all if
They would bark and fetch sticks,
Run and jump, roll over,
And play dead tricks. No, he
Liked them only For their panting
So he would
Run them ragged. Then one day
They got mad and
Chased the prince
Right up against a fence

And the prince was eaten by his panties.


  1. You performed it one day during choir. I think of it a lot, actually . . . it was delightfully funny! (I have occasionally called my own pups “panties” as a result.)

  2. I didn’t know until reading this that you are also a musician. I should have known though as I sometimes here you singing along to the music in the background when you are painting live, and thought that you had a great voice.

    Very humorous post particularly in light of the Prince all over the news today taking a stick to his two labs fighting over a dead pheasant.

    The Prince Beating His Panties could have been the headline today.

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