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Shoulda Got Penguins

When Greyson, my 18-year-old, was here last weekend, we were talking about the sweltering heat in our house, and how it’s at the wrong angle for a cross-breeze, and even though we live by the beach—which you’d think would be cooler—it was still uncomfortably hot, and so we try to leave the front and back doors open all day, and run fans in a couple of different windows day and night, plus the ceiling fan, and it still isn’t cool enough because of the uncharacteristically still air for a coastal community, and our clothes stick to us, and—

“Shoulda got penguins,” he cut in, deadpan face looking at me.

“Uh…why penguins?” I enquire.

“Oh, they wouldn’t make the house any cooler, but they’re really interesting and would take your mind off the heat.”


  1. Howled out loud!

    Oh, my gosh. Penguins!? He’s got your fanciful and skewed mind…the one that races rapidly off the beaten path and marches to the incessant beat of that different drummer.

  2. THAT is so funny!!!!!
    I immediately pictured a little line of penguins pattering in one door and out the other, and everyone wiping his brow saying, “Whew! that sure feels better.”
    How very funny.
    Loved it.

  3. Oh man… where’s the MP3 rimshot?? πŸ™‚

  4. There’s your rimshot. Just added.

  5. Rimshot — well done!

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