appleIf you own a Mac and use Safari for surfing the Internet, occasionally you will run into an article you want to share with someone else. If you use the Mail application on your Mac, you’re all set. Try this:

While in Safari viewing the web page you want to send, do the keyboard shortcut Command-i (⌘-i) — that’s it!

Wait a moment, your Mail app will open and in another moment you will see [usually] the entire page reproduced inside a new message. (Sometimes, because of the way some pages are constructed they don’t look quite right in Mail, but it’s worth a try…) Address it and Send.

If you only want to send the URL (Web Address) from Safari via the Mail app, add the Shift Key to the mix. Shift-Command-i (⇧-⌘-i)

By the way, Send can be done with Shift-Command-D (⇧-⌘-D).

Handy stuff to know.