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Review: San Diego Garage Door Company

In short: Don’t use San Diego Garage Door Company.

This company is one of the contractors hired by our HOA to replace all the garage doors in our complex. To be fair, their work is fast and good, but the owners and workers are disrespectful and indecent. I thought others should know, if they’re doing a search on their name to find out more about them.

I came into my garage after a young worker had been there all day doing an installation and found a drinking-water bottle half full of urine, left on a cross-brace between studs. Since I know my wife didn’t put it there, and he was—allegedly—the only other person in my garage, I called SDGD to complain. Did I mention it was half full of urine?

Of course the woman who answered the phone and listened to my complaint apologized for the company. What could she do? She said she’d look into it, and based on my address, she knew who the kid was in my garage.

The next day they were out again doing other garages. The owner of the company was there, supervising. He said nothing to me. The kid who allegedly left the urine was there. He said, sheepishly,”Uh, you found a bottle of something?” I said, “Well, yeah! A bottle of urine?”

He says, “Oh, I think it was a friend of mine who stopped by.”


His friend stops by, maybe pees in a bottle and leaves it on the cross-brace. But he’s not sure.

I have little tolerance for anyone who doesn’t own their wrongs, dismissing them as the fault of another, or somehow understandable given the circumstances. This was a disgusting wrong. What would have been so hard about saying, “I’m so embarrassed that I left that here. Our boss doesn’t give us bathroom breaks [speculation on my part —dd], and I really had to go, but I am so sorry I left that bottle in your garage. You should never have seen that. I’m sorry.”

I chatted with the owner about garage doors, installation, the condo complex, etc.—just wanted to see if he would own up to his workers’ behavior.


In the course of the conversation, he actually flipped the comment, “Yeah, we’re not making anything on this project…”—referring to the 165 garage doors they were contracted to replace.

What a contract to land! They weren’t making anything?

Ingratitude is another peeve of mine.

Give your business to someone else.


  1. I have often wondered what I should do if I had workmen doing something on my house or garden. Do I have to prepare a bucket or send them to McDonald’s? I don’t want their muddy shoes going through my house, and I’ve heard nightmares about jewelry being taken by the only person who was in the house… the workman. Got any suggestions?

  2. It helps if they are bonded, I suppose.

    I generally don;t trust strangers in my home or garage—and here’s evidence in support of my skeptical nature.

    I usually “hang around a lot” asking questions, making myself abundantly visible. It’s the Wal-mart Greeter principle. If they know they are being watched and acknowledged, it reduces the chance of a crime.

    Often, Mom, I follow your example: I come bearing gifts: coffee, water, snacks. Keeps them on my side.

    But, whenever possible, get referrals from several of your distrusting friends or church members/leadership. Nothing beats a good referral for peace of mind.

    And take all your valuables, cash and jewelry and place them in a large candy bowl; set it by the front door.

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