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Reception Ribbing

About a month ago I got a call one afternoon from David Lindsay from whom I have not gotten a phone call in years.

“Hi, Dave. This is David Lindsay, and I am just calling all the people we sent invitations to for our wedding and reception but who have not RSVP’d…”

“Oh, geez—I’m sorry, Dave. I totally spaced. Yes, Teresa and I will be there. Of course. I am so sorry I didn’t mail back the RSVP card in the envelope you sent… how rude of me [etc., etc., back-pedaling furiously].”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he offered graciouly. “A lot of people didn’t RSVP.”

At the wedding dinner and reception, held at the Gazzella [Picture], in downtown Long Beach, we were treated to an elegant dinner, drinks and dancing. When we sat down at the table before dinner, at every place-setting for each of the 175 people they entertained, there was a little, red 2″ gift box, wrapped in a gold ribbon with a “Thank You” sticker. The boxes each contained a few chocolates.

Under the ribbon on each box was a loose, ready-to-use 39ร‚ยข postage stamp.

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  1. For crying out loud, RSVP! ๐Ÿ™‚ Society is barely holding together as it is without us contributing to the breakdown! So, a stamp eh? Clever. No more excuses!

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