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Reader Knowledge Test #1

Q. Who makes the most expensive Series 7 No. 4?
Hint: Why would I be asking?

Answer posted Friday as an Update in this post.
Update:Brock was dead-on correct, though I accidentally deleted his comment.

This refers to a Winsor-Newton Round Kolinsky Sable brush. When I was in school 26 years ago, I was told that the hairs of this finest of brushes were actually hand-rolled and pointed by craftsmen at the factory, ensuring the finest brush made. I have never, to this day, heard any other brush recommended as highly by cartoonists, inkers, or anyone else who is looking for perfect line-qualities and variation of line, ink or pigment flow, or just the right “springiness”—a subjective tactile quality experienced artists understand.

Diameter at the ferrul: about 1/8″
Length of hairs: about 5/8″
List price: about $50


  1. Winsor & Newton

  2. A paintbrush I figure.

  3. Sounds like a baseball game to me. But you don’t watch the sports, so why would you care? Maybe a camera lens, or something along that line?

  4. Man, that question just jerked me back to L-O-N-G ago when you were first educating me about all things artistic (when we were still basically kids).

    I remembered the answer because I always thought it was so lyrical; however, I thought there was a hypen in there, instead of an “&” — a slight head nod to my “chester drawers” problem. 😉

  5. I’m with Bay Area Bev and would suggest a paint brush

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