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Obama’s Universal Health Care Plan

Nearly half of
all Americans
pay zero
Income Tax
I seldom make political comments in my blog, but as a taxpayer who understands that “the Government’s money” is really my money, because I [and many others like me] send them a portion of my income, and because I do not consider health care a right rather a privilege or a luxury, it really bothers me how many ignorant Americans will jump on the Universal Health Care bandwagon, thinking they are “getting something from the government” which they “deserve.”

Nearly half of the 300 million Americans alive today pay zero Federal Income Tax! And now there are candidates for the highest office in the land that want to raise taxes on “the rich” and corporations. People who pay no taxes will vote to take more money from those of us who do.

Do you people really think the corporations will just absorb the higher taxes and shrug it off? No. Corporations exist to invent products and services that benefit others, and to make profits for their shareholders. Taxes are a cost of doing business. As with any cost, when increases come along, the projected expense is factored into forecasts and planning, and adjustments are made so that the corporation can continue to make profit. This means they either have to raise prices on their goods and services, or reduce their other costs.

Very often, reducing other costs involves figuring out how to get labor cheaper (replacing laborers with computers, robots or other automation, or replacing higher paid laborers with lower-paid laborers). Ever heard of “down-sizing?” Are you old enough to have been replaced by someone with less skill and lower pay?

I have historically voted “no” on virtually every Proposition that increases taxes, because I do not want to vote myself out of any more of my income than is already extracted. When nearly half of Americans pay zero Federal Income Tax, why in the world would I vote for anything that will require even more from me, one of the actual tax payers?


  1. WOW! Refreshing proof that a person truly can be a fine artist without forfeiting their common sense! Why are so many artists afflicted with the blind desire for socialism? Truthfully, I have my own thoughts as to the answer to that, but it doesn’t reduce my continual amazement at the prevalence of the disease. I admire your willingness to let your thoughts be known, David. I guess you won’t see this since it’s way past its posting date, but I’ve been reading through your archives in the evenings to unwind and just finally had to write to say how much I enjoy your clear headed, well-stated reasoning. I just started my blog, and still trying to find my way around. i’ll drop in to say hello, again.

  2. Hi!

    I came upon your site by accident and have been looking at your paintings and reading your blogs for an hour now.

    I am in my forties and have just picked up a brush again after 20 years of no art. My kids were amazed that I could paint.

    Looking at different ways of earning an income painting and I’ve found you very inspirational.

    Not really sure what to say, but just wanted to write something to you.


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