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More Fascinating Google Videos

It’s amazing what robotics has come to. Watch this demonstration of robots that look to be a foot tall, or less.


  1. Great one. Enjoyed second half most. Great to see both fluidity of motion and accuracy (sure beats all synchronized events I’ve seen attempted by humans).

  2. Pretty cool!!! And they got them to act Japanese and all, too! Just kidding 🙂

  3. These appear to be the Honda development critters. Asimo (name honors Isaac Asimov) was on the “Live with Regis and Kelly” morning show several months ago. It was about 4′ tall and could do the basic moves that are in this video. But to have four of them synchronized is fascinating.

    And, just today was a TV news blurb about a robot that is being developed for security purposes. It had the same ‘family appearance’.

    A Google search for [ asimo honda robot ] gets 221000 hits, one of which may be the video link that you have.

    Another couple of years and you can order one as a chauffeur option on your new H.!

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