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Man, We Were a Hit

David Darrow & John Toth 1972In Junior High School (now called ‘middle school’) my best friend was John Toth. We just enjoyed getting into mild mischief, breaking a few meaningless rules, and laughing at almost anything. We just had fun everywhere we went.

I think we were both attracted to Carol Matthews whom I haven’t seen since I was 13 and she was 12… but she wasn’t interested.

I digress.

Today, kind of out-of-the-blue, John e-mailed this picture from our distant past (January 1972 — 35 years ago). That’s me apparently playing the bass. The legs and feet are actually me, while John stars as my ‘hands’ and ‘arms’, from behind — and of course I have no control over what ‘my hands decide to do.’ We were legends in our own minds with this act. We should have taken it on the road.


  1. And the music world morns another missed opportunity…

  2. What a hoot!

    Say hi to the sender of the photo. I wonder if he knows where Larry P. is now? Weren’t the Toths the ones who sent him our way?

    Loved the shoes and pants in the photo. πŸ™‚

  3. If you mean Larry Prechtel, no, I believe that was the Richard and Cheryl Norris family… putting hsi name here may help locate him, if he does a search on his name someday. I hope he does, I would love to meet Larry again.

  4. Yikes! There’s something a little perverse about this. Like a passing a car wreck, I can’t look away.

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