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Kickin’ Back

I have never been a fishing kinda guy, but if I ever do go fishing, I want to go with these guys. [Hat tip to my brother John]

Oh, and if I ever take up juggling, I want to learn from this guy, Chris Bliss [totally worth watching]


  1. Bravo!! Bravo!! Both of those are great finds!

  2. That saved me having to send you a video tape. There was a show on TV a couple of weeks where two fish and game workers were cruising a very calm lake and talking about how they were there to get latest numbers on fish in the lake. One guy was holding what looked like four wires and dropped those into the water. When he pushed some button on the boat, fish started flying out of the water. I don’t know if it’s some particular radio frequency or electric charge or Fran Drescher mp3, but whatever it is, I want to get one of those devices (just like I want to get that device that turns off TVs in restaurants).

  3. I think there’s a hack for a Palm Pilot that will turn your device into a remote, so you can turn off TV with it (or turn them on).

  4. Not a hack. It’s a Palm program you can find onine, and it DOES work! You need to set it like other “universal remotes” trying codes until it’s the right one for such-and-such a brand, but then you can control the TV.

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