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If Foreigners Could Write

You know those spam e-mails you get where they tell you they are only sending you e-mails because you’ve requested them, and if you want to stop receiving their e-mails, just click here to unsubscribe?

Don’t do it, because all it does is serve to give them confirmation that your e-mail address is an active, valid address, which is worth more money to e-mail address farmers.

You can always tell when these thieves are from another country, because they don’t even take a fledgling stab at our way of speaking.

Here’s one I got today (along with a picture of a gal with an admittedly nice figure in a blue bikini, thank you):

This subject matter was sent to you because you quested to be imparted of knowledge of extends from either us or one of ourselves associates, if yourself do not need to obtain offers from us again please interact with ourselves at this cursor.


  1. …sounds like some of the descriptions on American products, purchased overseas…”What was that, again?!”

  2. Here’s where some of them come from.
    “Harmony Feelings in Life Scream”

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