Fairbanks Ranch Fallsby David R. Darrow
7" x 5" (17.78cm x 12.7cm)
Oil on Stretched Canvas
Collection of Carlyle Dallas,
Farmington, NM – USA

If this looks like I have switched to doing abstracts, I haven’t. This was a very fast painting. It’s an oil sketch, in fact, for an intended larger painting. (If, however, you absolutely love abstracts, well then, call me Picasso and read no further. Just bid.)

In early 2005 I went plein air painting with a friend from Art Center days.

She had access to the private areas of San Diego County’s exclusive gated community Fairbanks Ranch, named after Hollywood film legend Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Beyond the huge community center, dance hall and lake, there was a path that led to this little ravine, where I stood in the middle of a footbridge with my French easel, brushes and palette and quickly captured the colors and basic shapes of the natural waterfall and stream that flowed from the background and zig-zagged under the bridge beneath me.

One reason for my haste was the growing blackening sky, as a pretty decent rain storm finally put an end to our plein air day. ◘