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Okay, this is funny to me.

Go to the Google home page and type in the words “French military victories” and then hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button (this button takes you to the most likely result).


  1. Ha! Ok, I’ll give you that it IS funny.

    But after the initial “hee-haw” I get a pretty slimy feeling about this. Unless this is some kind of real, unintentional error–and I have a hard time believing it is–then knowing someone inside Google is willinging foisting his or her ideology (agenda, whatever you want to call it) into a vital research tool bugs me.

    Yes, yes, it’s humorous, but humor has its place and, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be as a search engine ambush, for lack of a better term.

    I admit, this is a seemingly harmless prank; however, if someone inside Google can do this at will, where does it stop?

  2. Brock: you got chumped. You assumed it was a Google page because it looks like one. But you need to look at the address that “I’m feeling lucky” takes you to.

    It’s a spoof, and is probably ranked highest by Google through the old “Google-bombing” trick. though I am not certain. It is possible someone at Google is asserting political opinion — which would disturb me, too — but probably not.

  3. Ha! Yep, I got chumped or punked or whatever and big time! Whoa… I liked it on a funny level at first, my misguided misgivings aside, now I LOVE it on the prank level.

    That’s just great!

  4. How DOES Google rank results anyway? I’ve wondered this for some time now. Regardless, this is rather hilarious!

  5. Linda, no one knows for sure (except Google) but there have been some revelations. There’s good commentary about it at Andreas Ramos has positioned himself as an expert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Quite a knowledgeable and friendly fellow, too.

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