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New Podcast Episode with the Late Doris Oden Darrow

Doris Oden Darrow -- June 10, 1928--December 10, 2012

This podcast Episode 3, is with my inspiration for art and my most loving critic: My mom, Doris Oden Darrow. Months before she passed away, I sat with her to record old memories of life just getting started as a young married woman of 20. “What was that like?” I learned a lot listening to her. And I think you’ll find it fascinating.

Episode 3 of the “Drawing On Experience” podcast by David R. Darrow

New Audio Podcast episode with Thomas Blackshear and Frank Ordaz

Photo ©Frank Ordaz

Photo ©Frank Ordaz

New Audio PaintCast™ Episode available today from Dave the Painting Guy’s “Drawing On Experience.” Free!

Interview includes Thomas Blackshear and Frank Ordaz, and has all the charm of listening on a conversation between 3 old illustrators who haven’t seen each other in 30 years. Very funny stuff.

Recorded one year ago; finished off yesterday.