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A Cheap ($10) But Good Digital Audio Recorder and 8GB USB Thumb Drive (AMAZON)

USB 8GB Thumb Drive and Digital Recorder

USB 8GB Thumb Drive and Digital Recorder

This USB digital recorder, available from Amazon, for under $10 (at the time of this writing), is very simple to use.

Fits in your pocket or hang it from a lanyard around your neck (not supplied). Record meetings, class lectures, record family history from elder relatives before they are gone, record an event you may need for later, for example: if you get pulled over.

Plugging it in to your computer charges its battery, and allows it to act like any other 8GB thumb drive. Unplug it from your computer, set the switch to ON and it records audio. It does not record while plugged into your computer. It will hold over 150 hours of audio — but don’t expect the battery to last longer than 8 hours before recharging.

Click here to go to the Amazon product page for this USB recorder.

One reviewer on Amazon says:

It has only an on/off switch, so nothing else to figure out. Turn it on, it records. Turn it off, it stops recording. Plug it in your USB drive on the computer and a folder pops up with the audio file(s) in it. Click on a file and play back the recording. Drag and drop the file to your hard drive audio files folder to save it. How simple is that!?

Front and Back of USB Digital Recorder

Front and Back of USB Digital Recorder


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