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‘Crossroads: New Directions’ – New Art, Darrow Show

New work by David R. DarrowAnnouncing a show of new works by David R. Darrow. This one man show entitled Crossroads: New Directions will showcase 86 new works by artist David R. Darrow.

Thinking ahead, Darrow reveals:

"Recent revelations and theories about some of the Masters’ "softening approach" to portraiture as natural aging affected their eyesight have freed me up to pursue a direction of artistic expression in which I can continue well into my eighties."

Formerly well-known for his realistic impressionism, Darrow has assembled an impressive body of abstract and impressionistic work over the last four ‘silent’ months, heralding an entirely new artistic direction.

The piece shown above, Coffee Focus, (48" x 48" oil, acrylic and wax stylus on canvas) will be featured prominently on the cover of the 102-page color catalog, available to our guests at the show’s opening. Other works, not shown, include: Flavored Weather, (48" x 56"), Analog Jam (36" x 48"), Angry Mornings (60" x 60"), White on White on White (72" x 105"), Wall Flour, (72" x 24"), Pigeon Toad (Sculpture) and many additional thoughtful works.

Please join us!

Time/Date: Thursday April 31, 2008, 7:00 – 10pm. Wine and hors d’oeuvres served.

Place: the Grand Opening of the Clientso Prix Tenshous Gallery, NW corner of 5th and K, Downtown San Diego.

All works offered under $15,000!

Mark your calendar. It’s only 30 days from today: April 1, 2008!

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  1. Wow David! Five pieces per week in 4 months… that’s amazing! And only by using a canvas as a palette while painting your realistic portraits?! Clever!!!!

  2. okay…okay…I was like, “huh? w-w what???”

    You got me…

    A day after, but you got me..
    Nature got me yesterday, April first…dropping nearly 8 inches of snow on us…but, yours is the official “gotcha!!!!!!”



  3. You completely got me. I was ready to call my aunt who lives near the top of the Harbor Club, downtown San Diego, to see if I could crash at her place overnight.

    Though the size of the pieces and the “style” are not my taste, and the under $15,000 is certainly out of my price range, I would show up to support you. I did think “those must be some damn expensive Crayolas.”


  4. David,
    Can you arrange to have the showing in France?

    “… members of the public will be granted interest-free loans worth up to … $15,000” [to buy art]. [Article]

    Looks to me like the right supply will meet the right demand.

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