Tyler Loch, the funny, sassy, brilliant mind behind one of the most useful video conversion utilities ever made for a Mac just announced he is closing his website www.techspansion.com forever. Just a vague explanation as to why:

After much soul-searching (it’s not you, it’s me), for personal reasons, Techspansion is closing its virtual doors.

I think he’s being held by aliens, like Art Bell was a couple of years back.

I could be wrong.

This is sad, to me. For a brilliant mind to have constructed something that made it SO easy for the rest of us to do video conversions, he was also remarkably funny. His button for advanced settings, for example, produced an advanced settings control panel that starts with the warning “Don’t! You’ll screw it all up!” — which was usually true.
Visual Hub
Anyway, boom, it’s gone. Can’t buy it.

He posted backup instructions to users who have bought it, and also claims that the back-up instructions will soon disappear, too. So I am preserving them here.

In honor of a great tool by a great guy…

In order to get VisualHub working if you need to switch computers, you need to back up two things:

1: VisualHub itself
2: The conversion engine

To back up the conversion engine, Copy the folder at:
/Library/Application Support/Techspansion/

…for good measure, you can also back up your Preferences file, containing your registration info in case you lose the original purchase e-mail. It’s at:

As far as I can tell, VisualHub 1.34 will continue to work up to and through Snow Leopard. I obviously can’t predict the future and what Apple will do, though.

Thanks for enjoying Techspansion’s software. It’s been an amazing journey.

And here’s what you get if you cancel an operation in VisualHub:
VisualHub Cancel