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Twisted Roots

Bob and Doris Darrow with Disguises 2003“Happy Hallowe’en.”

I wrote that in quotes because I am quoting it, not saying it myself. Don’t get me wrong… I do want this to be a nice day for you, and if you are going to a party all dressed up to look like something you’re not, here’s to your fun. Have a nice time. October doesn’t really have any other party days, as do all the other months. And Columbus Day parties just aren’t what they used to be.

But “Happy Hallowe’en” as a greeting only works because of the alliteration, if you ask me.

It’s ironic that they can say Happy Hallowe’en at Wal-mart, but not Merry Christmas.

If they ban “Happy Hallowe’en” as a greeting at Wal-mart, it is going to seriously tick off the Ancient Celtic Druids in America. And then there will be hell to p— well nevermind that.

along the line
my dad
had lost all
sense of shame
It’s funny how some religious folk approach the day: “We don’t celebrate hallowe’en,” they snub. Well, we have never celebrated Hallowe’en either. We have, however, dressed up in all manor of costume, participated in parades and costume contests, and gone door-to-door seeking free candy (hello?!) that was alledged to be given out with the one-day exception to the obligatory “please” — “Trickertreet!” (I swear, it totally works!)

The photo above (click it to see it larger) is of my parents and their favorite waitress over at Holder’s Country Inn in Cupertino, CA — photo taken on Hallowe’en in 2004, I believe. Somewhere along the line, my dad had lost all sense of shame. I don’t recall my mom ever actually having any.

For those of you who know me, this should explain a lot.


She’s at it again. John sent me this today. This is Mom this afternoon. No her hair isn’t that bad… it’s a wig made from Yak hair. Same wig my dad was wearing in the 2004 picture. I figure the yak looked like an idiot, too.

I hope she gets pulled over for going too slow. The cop deserves to get a look at that mug!

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  1. what a cool mom!

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