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See links below for Quicktime MoviesFor Sale: Parrot

Must sell. Very friendly. Talks. Laughs. Says words like “Hello.”

Eats nuts and fruit, and on some occasions beef. All indications are the bird is content to live on a perch behind bars in a somewhat dark corner near a telephone jack, despite having been blessed with the gift of flight. Decorates the bottom of his own cage. May or may not be named “Leon.” 24 years old. Cranky, at times. Reportedly a fan of Jimmy Buffet.

Does not respond to “Shut Up!” when doing this.

It is likely you will need the newest, free Quicktime 7 to view those videos since they are encoded in the new H.264 format.

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  1. and the reason you bought/got this bird in the first place was…???? one of my girlfriends here in Colorado Springs has a Sun Conure parrot, and some other grouchy old parrot she got from a bird rescue place and she can’t let it get near her without a stick in her hand–so that the bird will climb onto it and not BITE her instead. and we think some of these animals want to be pets??? actually, no judgement from here…you should have seen some of the pets WE had over the years.

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