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The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…

8:25am smoky sunrise, looking east from Oceanside, CAIt’s a little unnerving to go to sleep in a county that is on fire, not knowing what one will awaken to.

I had a dream that Arnold Schwarzenegger flew to San Diego to praise our firefighters and promise State financial aid. Oh yeah… that really did happen.

Anyway, I awoke to this eerie sunrise — yes, to the left is a picture taken a 8:25am this morning — casting a reddish glow on everything, stripping all the green and blue from the visible spectrum. Red darkens things.

Out on my balcony patio, my glass-top patio table is covered with ash dumping out of the sky like a light snow-fall. It’s even piling up around the hose. For a guy who has only been in actual snowfall maybe 5 times in his life, this is kind of fun in a macabre way, and if it weren’t for a stiff neck, I might go outside and lie down and make ash angles.

I’d sit down, but the outdoor chairs are also covered, as is the towel I set out to dry in the sun the other day. Oops. (By the way, the chair and towel pictures are, in actuality, white not pink.)

Around 300,000 people have been “displaced” from their homes. Many of them will return to their neighborhoods and find a cement slab with ashes on it where their home used to be. I cannot imagine what this must feel like.

Sometimes I secretly wish for a fire to gut my house so I can just start over, with the decisions of what should I keep, what should I throw away already having been made for me. Perish the thought.

Fire is no respecter of persons. It has consumed homes in the poorest pars of Ramona just as easily as the mansions of Rancho Santa Fe (some of the most expensive homes and land in the USA). Fire is an Equal Opportunity Destroyer, too. No prejudice. It will eat your home if you are Black, White or Green, Democrat or Republican, Christian, Jew or Muslim, Gay or Straight, Rich or Poor.

More pictures on MSNBC

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  1. Everyone is watching and concerned, deeply. I wish you the best. My son is there and it heightens the anxiety I feel in general, of course. My son is young and loving the beautiful warm loveliness there. I’m trying to remind him of the fun of snow angels… snow.

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