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The Sun at 4:45pm yesterdayFirst of all, despite what it looks like, I am not yet in danger of losing my home, where I live here in Oceanside. Last evening, when I looked out of my south balcony window, this is what the sun looked like. It was literally the color of raspberry sherbet (or for those of you who never got past 3rd grade: sherbert).

Smoky SunFor those of you that are very concerned about my safety, and especially my own personal hydration, I want you to know that I did follow my instincts and drove down to the unofficial hydration center for Carlsbad, otherwise known as Carlsbad Brewing Company, or Pizza Port, to the locals. As luck would have it, Sharkbite Red Ale was on sale at $2/pint, so re-hydration was inexpensive and enjoyable. I was joined by Carlsbad Dave.

You might be surprised to know that even with all the smoky air everywhere, there were record crowds at Pizza Port, indoors and out.

I think everyone is very concerned about their hydration.

Truthfully, by the time I went down there — about 30 minutes after I shot these pictures — the air had gone still here, and it was a delight to get out of my closed house. I’d been indoors all day with all the windows and doors shut, outdoor temperatures over 90f-degrees, and no air conditioning.


  1. Not to be contrary, but I think Arrogant Bastard ale is supposed to be the best hydration remedy in cases like this. You know, I’m just saying…

  2. Velma Southerland

    October 25, 2007 at 2:03 am

    Good Morning,

    Just checking on you — from Tennessee. Glad to know you’re safe, hydrated and still have the sense of humor — sorry about the stiff neck.

    Keep safe!


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