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Hey, you wanna know what I think? Gouging Customers

I signed up with two or three years ago. I was shipping prints of some of my artwork, and only occasionally needed unusual postage totals that would normally require me to go to the post office. They had, at that time, a monthly fee of $4.99 plus 10% of postage costs. So even a 37¢ “stamp” would cost 41¢ plus the monthly fee. But the bonus was, I could print the postage on my home printer. The way I figured it, paying 19¢ extra for mailing a print in a tube at $1.89 normal postage was worth it if it would help me 1). avoid the drive and 2). avoid the lines at the post office.

It has been convenient.

I signed on the other day to mail a Tribute DVD to one gentleman, and received an alert that my account had been converted to the Power Plan. When I wrote to to ask what that was about, I received a boilerplate e-mail back from them telling me that the Power Plan is the only one being offered at this time. Monthly fee $15.99.

Now, for some reason, having my fees raised 320% automatically, and moved into “the only plan available” comes as disturbing news to me.

I called them today [888.434.0055] and told them I didn’t like it, and the kind woman on the phone—after giving me a knowing, “Um-hmm…that’s the only plan we offer right now,” to which I complained that the over-300% increase in fees felt like gouging [Definition 4; slang] to me—said that she could switch me to their Basic Plan for $7.99 per month.

The Plan They Don’t tell You About

Lemme see if I get this right:

  1. The Power Plan is the only plan available now
  2. If that bothers me, I can switch to the Basic Plan which is also available.

I weighed it out and figured a 160% increase wasn’t all that bad. And she did waive my first month’s fees.

And I didn’t have to go postal.


  1. Nice story; nice pay-off for reading all the way through.

    You also could have linked to 🙂

  2. Shoulda Got Penguins, like Greyson told ya

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