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Scam: 202.664.1270

Several times over the last week I have received “missed calls” on my cell phone from 202.664.1270. But I am getting ahead of myself…

Today, my cell phone rang and a local 760 area code number showed as the caller ID. I answered and heard a very loud screech immediately… then silence… I said “Hello?” (which I was about to say when the screech jarred my thinking).

Silence… then a phone ringing, as if I had just dialed someone.

How are you today?
If I know him, I might tell him how I am today, but not before I am sure I know him. Secretly, I loathe people who pretend to be concerned about how I am when all they want is my money. Someday I will have the nerve to answer, “Well, pretty good except for that infectious rash…”

An Asian-sounding man (let’s not quibble about how I came to this conclusion) asked me “How are you today?” to which I replied, “Who is this?” This, fortunately, worked its magic, because he immediately said “How are you today?” to which I quite naturally replied “Who is this?”

When he finally realized I was on to him and was not going to fall neatly into paragraph one of his scammer script he asked me “How are you today?”

I said “Stop asking me that. Who are you?”

He said “I want to know if you have a mortgage.”

I replied, “It is illegal for you to call me. Do not call me again, and please remove my phone number from your call list.”

“But you do have a mortgage don’t you?” he pressed.

“Don’t call me again.” Click.

I looked at the cell phone screen to see what number had called me and as I was looking at it, it immediately changed from the 760 caller ID to 202.664.1270 (weird).

My guess is that someone is using a local number to auto dial numbers (maybe consecutive numbers in a cell phone block) and when it gets an answer, it does some kind of a quick switcheroo and dials some smelly sweatshop scam basement in Thailand or Nigeria or maybe even Pacoima.

I did a search on the number and found conclusive results that this “system” is being used by all kinds of vulgar, rude and scamming type folks. So consider this a heads=up.


  1. Anyone with a telemarketing problem can report it to the Feds. See about 40% down the page at for “How to Complain” to the FCC. Instructions are included on how to complain via: phone, TTY, fax, email, and via their form at . Nail ’em good, David.

  2. this person is also sending out fraudulent wells fargo checks….if you’ve ever posted anything to sell on ebay or, chances are you are gonna get phone calls from this number

  3. “This person” is more likely a “system” being exploited by a number of crooks trying all kinds of different things to take people’s money.

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