Simon Wickstrom, a collector who purchased Captain Nick, graciously complied with my request to see Nick’s new home. I am always interested in seeing the environments in which my paintings end up.

This is delightful. Wickstrom found a prominent place in his office. “He’s at work because I spend more time here than at home, and most of my art collection is at home where I don’t get to see it much.”

I consider this a high honor, because, as he tell me, “I am the computer guy for the firm, so sooner or later every employee shows up in my office for something, and everyone notices the new painting and comments on it.” What a great way to share the painting.

Interestingly, the sale itself was a first for me in that Simon, who is subscribed to my newsletters & announcements mailing list, received my sale announcement and made the purchase via Paypal all from his iPhone. He was on a photo shoot at a cemetery at the time, received the new e-mail in his inbox, inquired as to its price with shipping via an email reply, then clicked my link for payment right on his iPhone.

* * *

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