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Jan’s Creativity

A Painting by Jan Geist. Collection of Darrell Gaul, San Diego, CA
A Painting by Jan Geist. Collection of Darrell Gaul, San Diego, CA

It’s touching to get letters from people as they learn of my sister Jan’s passing. Darrel Gaul, an old family friend, and high school classmate of Jan’s sent a snapshot of a painting Jan gave to Darrell and his wife for their wedding decades ago.

On the wall entering my bedroom – to this day, I have her wedding gift to Sherri and I – a gorgeous painting, in miniature, of beautiful flowers in a tiny vase. Her generosity and creativity I am sure… continued to her family… and Mom.

I doubt anyone has any idea how many of these miniatures Jan painted in acrylic and sold at craft sales or simply gave away, always beautifully framed. I have several myself.

Do you have a painting Jan did?
If you do, would you please take a snapshot of it and e-mail it to me.

Getting a good shot

  1. It is better back away from the art and zoom in all the way to fill the camera’s frame with the whole painting than to get in close to the painting. There will still be plenty of detail.
  2. If using camera-flash, shoot at a slight angle away from straight-on (slightly to the left or right, and perhaps a little above. This will reduce glare.) E-mail me the picture, and I will digitally straighten it back out and post it here.
  3. Please send the full-resolution picture rather than scaled-down, if you can.

Raspberry Ripe by Jan Darrow Geist ©1981
Collection of David R. Darrow, Oceanside, CA

Mariposa Lily by Jan Darrow Geist ©1981
Collection of David R. Darrow, Oceanside, CA

Untitled Floral Watercolor by Jan Darrow Geist ©2004
Collection of David R. Darrow, Oceanside, CA

A Gallery of 83 Creations
by Jan Darrow Geist
©1975 – 2007
Collection of “Many People”, All Over the World
Click Picture above to see gallery.

There is a whole new website created at where all these things and more will now reside. Visit and read the memories people have written, and add one or more whenever you wish to. It is a growing, evolving site.


  1. Very lovely. The impact of fine art is broad — it lives forever, thus the artist lives on, too.

  2. So beautiful.

    So Jan.

    I do not own any of her originals, I only have paintings that I did with her. Thank you for making this awesome tribute to an awesome person!


  3. I remember so well when Jan was barely out of high school and painting these teeny tiny little paintings of delicate flowers and putting them in tiny frames to give away to her friends, family, and fans. The detail work amazed me! These you’ve placed here demonstrate what a marvelous artist she became.

    Then I seem to recall her wedding invitation with a lovely border of those tiny little flowers she did with such perfection. What a family of creative people were born of the artistry of Bob and Doris!

    Our hearts grieve with you, John, and Joanne as you’ve had to say good-bye to your beloved sister for a time here on earth until you are reunited together forever–what a day of rejoicing that will be! God bless you all–

  4. When viewed from here, they make me gasp. Such a continually creative gal. In the image of her Creator. What a blessing, and privilege to say, that for a time, she was mine!

  5. I admit that seeing the entire collection (so far) in “Gallery Form” on that page knocked me for a loop, too. One really gets the sense that she was a creative “painting machine” — and what really got me was seeing on some of her pieces fairly recent dates: 2006 & even 2007.

    Knowing she painted some of these (if not most) while undergoing those nauseating chemo treatments gives me an even greater appreciation for what my big sister was made of, physically as well as artistically.

    The world has lost a fine artist.

  6. Beautiful work.
    I wonder how soon you’ll have a dream about her. I believe that’s how you get to visit.

  7. thank you David for this wonderful gallery of Jan’s paintings and comments from friends and family.
    Jan was such a remarkable person. I recognized that when she was just a child. But, don’t downplay the great artist you are! I think Lynda still has a caraciature you did of her many, many years ago. I’ve always been in love with your family and each of you, including JoAnn and John. Doris and Bob have been dear friends of Chuck and me. They (Janice, Bob and Chuck) must be having a great reunion. Isn’t is wonderful that we have the wonderful promise that one day we will ALL be rejoicing together at the feet of our wonderful savior. My prayer for the Darrow and Geist family copntinues. Lovingly, Bea Austin

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