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Ironic News Item

Denver, CO gears up to attack global warming issues with new restrictions and guidelines for its residents. Apparently these new restrictions have been zealously enacted, since Denver had its coldest June 2nd in 50 years.

Keep fighting global warming! It’s working! We really can change the weather. What could our Thoughtfully-Designed ecosystem possibly have over our superior knowledge and heartfelt regulations?


  1. Good for you!!!

    Everything I read in Scriptures reminds me that God will supply my every need. Including water, warmth, fresh air, cool air, full streams, hot deserts, cold mountains, summer, winter, spring and fall… and nothing will change until He deems it so. And I believe Him.

  2. Exactly, Mom. If God designed the world, anticipated humans and their failings, He would have created it with enough flexibility that we could not ruin what He set in motion.

    It’s perfectly sane to notice the globe is getting warmer. It’s insane to think we are the cause of it when there is so much scientific data to suggest otherwise. And it’s pompous to conclude and thereby state that a warming globe is inherently a bad thing. What do we know? The earth warmed slightly over the last hundred years, and humans live an average of 30 years longer than they did in the early 1900s. We’re taller, strong and better looking, too (if you recall the historical photos of our family heritage). 🙂

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