I heard recently that “Aspertame sweetener is the excrement from E. Coli bacteria that have been fed toxic waste.” It sounded outrageous — and I have preferred diet drinks over sugared for several decades — so I started searching Google for answers.

I found this 1.5hr video that raises concerns.

For several years I have been mildly concerned about changes in people I meet: grown men I know going through long periods of debilitating depression, the changes in the health of entire populations, namely obesity, etc.

I remember buying chicken breast at a local Vons market, and the breasts were enormous. At the time, I was only thinking about a hearty barbecue, and was delighted to find ‘man-size’ pieces of chicken, but later I got to asking myself how ‘they grow chickens’ with such enormous breasts.” It has to be something unnatural, because when I was a kid, the chicken breasts my mom prepared were maybe 1/3 this size.

I’m not smart enough to know what the right answers are, but I’m getting increasingly concerned about any non-natural additives in food, manipulated growing techniques (genetically-modified foods, etc).

I think I am now done with diet drinks and artificially-sweetened foods. Why bother?