Official Internet Registry and Optimization BureauIf you have registered any internet domains (as I have with this one— — along with several others), be aware that there are “fear scams” which attempt to take your heard-earned money. Don’t fall for them.

Click the logo at left to see the whole fax I received. Here is what this company is doing to scam you out of your money.

  1. Offical looking logo and “license” number. Licensed with whom?
  2. Internet address end with “” — that’s in Panama (not anywhere in America)
  3. “Final Reminder Notice” — But this is my first contact!
  4. “SEO data Missing…” — Don’t believe claims of SEO assistance. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is best understood by reading the SEO white paper at
  5. 800 number to Opt Out of improving Your Internet Availability. — I have an 800 number you can call if you don’t want me to give you $1,000,000. Hello!? Once they have you on the phone, they will manipulate you. If you are too weak to understand the scam, and you dial, you are too weak to withstand their sales pitch. Don’t call them.
  6. They charge double what you can re-register for. you can find the name of the Registrar of your domain name at (free). Call your Registrar and ask how much it costs to re-register for one year. If they cannot beat $14.95, go to and let them handle registration for you. That’s who I use. $15 annually is a lot better than…
  7. 12 payments of $27.50 — that’s robbery!
  8. Their “Brick, NJ” address is a PO Box.

Understand that when you choose to believe them and use them, you also turn oer all control of your domain(s) to them, and they will continue to take your money for something that takes them all the time it would take you to click a check-box.

Another company that does this scam by US mail is “Domain Registry of America.” They make money off those who do not know better by alarming them and claiming you will lose your domain.