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Clocks That Are Not

Thanks to California’s adherance to Daylight Savings Time, I spent the better part of yesterday setting clocks back an hour.

I had to set the clock back for

  • The microwave
  • The oven/range
  • The coffee maker
  • The TV
  • The VCR
  • My digital camera
  • My video camcorder
  • The clock radio alarm
  • The radio/CD player in my car
  • The clock in the kitchen

It occurred to me that only one of these was only a clock. All the rest of them (except for the clock radio) have a main purpose that is radically separate from telling time, but have had clocks added to them. Only one of them has the sole function of telling time.

Fortunately, my Mac, my PC and the laptop, along with my cell-phone all automatically set themselves back.

Times have changed.


  1. Thanks for reminding me about my digitial camera! Forgot that one.

    I bought a clock radio/alarm that automatically changes. Takes allllll the stress out of the time change for me! I highly recommend one.

  2. My “biological” clock is quite confused now, too.

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