I don’t know what the 6th gets you. First anniversary is paper, 50th is gold, and if you make it to a 75th, you’re supposed to get the most expensive one, titanium, and all I can figure is that if you get something made of titanium it comes with a Last Will and Testament for you to sign.

Well, we got married barefoot on Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, six years ago. It was a Sunday afternoon, and our 6th was a Monday. So we went to Trader Joes to find a wine to commemorate our anniversary. There wasn’t one wine with a six in the name. We thought of getting two bottles of Tres something. And we have our eye on a bottle of No. 8 for two years form now…

So we settled on Barefoot Chardonay, which we drank while watching the second installment of the 24 season opener.

It was a great anniversary!