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Alan C. Campbell Portrait

Alan Campbellby David R. Darrow
11" x 14" (27.9cm x 35.6cm)
Oil on Canvas Panel
Collection of Alan C. Campbell,
San Diego, CA – USA

About This Painting

This portrait of my client Alan Campbell was started with Alan in the studio watching while I painted during the broadcast of Dave the Painting Guy.

I asked him if I could paint him because I like his face and I like him. He balked at the idea at first, but I talked him into posing for photographic reference for the painting, and then he became interested in obtaining the painting for his office.

So, what started out as a Fine Art piece for me to paint and sell, became a portrait commission. Either way, it was fun to paint.

Alan is a recognized, award-winning architect in San Diego. Visit the website of Alan C. Campbell. ◙

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  1. Wonderful painting Dave.
    I love the colors and the atmosphere and feeling of the painting.
    It feels very warm and friendly.
    Well Done!!!!

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