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Drew at 26

For all intents and purposes, my oldest son, Drew, is now half my age.

On May 11, 1983, the day Drew was born, I was about 5 weeks from turning 26. Today, Drew is 26 years old. Close enough.

Here we are in the same position in life, wondering what was ahead. I can look back at the last 26 years and be absolutely delighted that he was there for all of it. The next 26 for Drew will go faster, at an accelerated rate, and many more changes than he can imagine will come into his life, his culture, his mind.

It’s all good, son.

Happy Birthday. I love you, and I am proud of you.

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  1. WONDERFUL COMMENTS, Dave. Hope Drew gets to read them. Does it seem possible that Dad and I were only 55 when Drew was born? Of course, we were always OLD in our kids’ eyes. But look at the old movies… your Dad was a HUNK, and I belonged to a health spa, so I was pretty trim in those days. Drew captured our hearts from the start. I too, am proud of him.
    Love, Mom

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